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  • Black shoes (non-athletic)
  • Black socks
  • Black Tuxedo (standard collar)
  • White Tuxedo shirt (wing collar)
  • Black Bow Tie

Where to Buy

  • Joe Figueras at Mr. Tux (305.753.8945) has successfully worked with many of our students in the past if you are looking for the Black Tuxedo and/or white tuxedo shirt.
  • Mr. Tux and Dresses Four Me, 305.595.1098.
  • Penny's, and Macy's offer tuxes and accessories at reasonable prices.
  • Tux Rental stores often sell their stock at great discounts.
  • Goodwill and other consignment stores have had tuxes for as little as $12.
It's a uniform, not a fashion statement.
If you are still growing, you may wish to buy it a little large so you will not be replacing it next year.


  • Black dress shoes
  • Black orchestra dress

Where to Buy

Over the years we have tried to buy concert orchestra dresses from companies specializing in performance clothing for school groups; the results were not positive. One of our parents arranged for a dress maker to design and assemble a custom fit gown that is far superior to "catalog" offerings and priced to compete.

Follow These Steps

  1. call Maria Pichardo 305-254-1773
    • cell 305.989.7004
  2. arrange to go to her home at 7695 SW 142 St. 33158 for an initial dress measurement.
  3. Maria will then make your dress.
  4. Before delivery she will schedule an additional appointment for your final fitting
The results are fantastic. The price is approximately $105. Maria needs time to complete these dresses before our first concert in November. Please contact her this summer and let her get started early. If you have the black dress shoes you will be using at your final fitting Maria will be able to set your hem correctly.

Any Questions?

Please contact us and let us know!
Coral Reef Senior High Orchestra